• I just ordered Espruino WiFi, and the MPU6050 module. What else might I need to order in order to get it all working and connected? Or is just ordering those two things enough?

  • Which MPU6050 did you order? Basically all you need is a way to connect them, so some patch wires and/or breadboard... Or literally just wire and solder if you want to make it permanent!

    You shouldn't need any other components at all :)

  • Does the espruino come with a bread board? Or is it just the chip? I got this MPU6050: ebay.com/itm/171036006952

  • There's no breadboard included I'm afraid. Probably the easiest way for you to connect the two would be to buy some jumper wires with sockets on. If you search eBay for Dupont FF you should see the right kind of thing (rainbow colored wires with individual sockets on each end - 'M' is for the pinned version)

  • Is it the female to female wires, like these ones?

  • Yes, those are perfect.

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Newbie, what do I need besides Espruino WiFi and MPU6050 module?

Posted by Avatar for trusktr @trusktr