Captive Portal?

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  • I'm developing a WebServer for Espruino and would like to know if it's possible to set a Captive Portal.
    I tryed listen on port 53 with http and net modules, and of course it turns out nothing since DNS runs over UDP.

    There is any chance I can accomplish that in some other way?


  • There is some code in progress to add UDP, so in the future yes.­ues/1062

    By default when the ESP8266 is running STA (station mode), a DNS server is started, so I believe this would also need to be stopped - an option would need to be added

  • I'm brand new to Espruino/ESP8266 and I have a little IoT project in mind, and I've been googling mDNS and/or captive portal, and I ran across this - not sure if it's helpful in any way

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Captive Portal?

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