MQTT authorization now required?

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  • Trying to use I get a message saying "not authorized". Upon visiting their page, it says I need to use the cert, even for the unencrypted ports. On, it says encryption and authentication are not implemented. So Espruino just doesn't work with the public brokers right now?

    Below is the code I was using. Instead I'm using Mosca on local now and I have a working connection.

    var WIFI_NAME = "XXXXXX";
    var WIFI_PASS = "XXXXXX";
    var wifi = require("EspruinoWiFi");
    var broker = "";
    var options = {
      client_id : "random",
      keep_alive: 60,
      port: 1883,
      clean_session: true,
      username: "username",
      password: "password",
      protocol_name: "MQTT",
      protocol_level: 4,
    var mqtt = require("MQTT").create(broker, options);
    mqtt.on('connected', function() {
    wifi.connect(WIFI_NAME, { password: WIFI_PASS }, function(err) {
      if (err) {
        console.log("Connection error: "+err);
  • seems to imply that port 1883 is still unencrypted, and doesn't need a certificate.

    The not authorized is probably because you've got:

      username: "username",
      password: "password",

    What happens if you just remove those?

    But even for the encrypted comms, you can still use TLS with Espruino WiFi and/or the Pico.

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MQTT authorization now required?

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