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    I have a pebble time
    and I found out that it uses an STM32 processor.

    STM32F205RE Cortex M3 CPU for Pebble Smartwatch and Steel, and Cortex M4 for Pebble Time and newer.


    So, can I install Espruino On it?
    sure, totally impractical, but still worth a try.

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  • Potentially, yes. There isn't a port yet though.

    Having said that the STM32F2 isn't that well supported by Espruino - the F4 and F1 series are handled much better. You might find it a bit of an uphill struggle.

    If you want to play around with Espruino on a watch you could re-flash an nRF51 based watch/fitness tracker:­280747/

  • According to iFixit's teardown there's an STM32F439ZG inside the Pebble Time (the "current" Model).

    Plus Texas Instruments CC2564B Bluetooth, Lattice LP1K FPGA, Bosch Sensortec BMI160 accelerometer, as well as a Freescale Xtrinsic MAG3110 magnetometer. More on the bottom of said page...

    Actually a device I'd love to see Espruino run on. Well-built, used and loved by quite a community, abandoned by their original creators, and/but with a few more discrete parts in contrast to the nRF51-based devices.

  • Yeah, it'd be nice - while I reckon you could get it running on the STM32 very easily and I think the display is one of the Sharp Memory LCDs (so is trivial to interface to), interfacing to the Bluetooth could be an uphill battle.

    I keep hoping for an nRF52 smartwatch with one of those displays in it. nRF52 watches are starting to appear now, so there is some hope I guess...

  • Will have a look at the current src/build set and see how it looks today (I guess i did this a few years ago, last time).

    There's that Rebble site's projects page that also mentions an initial FreeRTOS implementation for Pebble, don't know if one could combine some of the ESP parts with that.

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