SD card gets crazy hot

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  • Hi,
    yes, my SD card gets crazy hot, as well as the board.
    If I unplug it, the board works fine.
    I did buy it for like 2 bucks off Amazon. Might just be a cheap card.
    However, if it isn't, how can I fix it?

  • Hi @user73202

    please share board, SD card, power supply and your wiring.

  • Espruino original board, 1gb cheap sd card, phone charging cable as power supply, and nothing connected to board besides sd card

  • if this works "PC USB - cable - Espruino board" than I guess

    • then wiring to SD card module is wrong

    • or the SD card module is broken

  • Ups - are you using the internal card module ?

  • That's a bit worrying - I've never encountered that before.

    Does the card work if you plug it into a PC?

    By default, the only thing that's connected to the card is the 3.3v power line and GND - so assuming there's nothing obvious wrong with the Espruino Board (like a short on the contacts sticking out of the back of the SD card holder) then I'd say it would have to be a problem with the card.

  • Could you have accidentally connected it improperly previously?

    SD cards are very easy to trash if you abuse them, and often fail acting as if Vcc and Gnd are shorted.

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SD card gets crazy hot

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