Which wifi module

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  • Dear Espruino creators.
    TI says that CC3000 is not raccmanded for new design.
    Adafruit is selling ATWINC1500 breakout board as a replacement of the CC3000.
    It seems to be more feature rich and less power hungry (which is crucial for battery operated sensors).

    So is there a chanche to use ATWINC1500 in place of CC3000 breakout board with Espruino ?


  • Is there a special reason not to go with, for example, an Espruino Wifi?

    It does not need any wiring! all is done... and works pretty nicely: AccessPoint and HTTP WebServer on the same device... (or just the plain vanilla Wifi 'client').

    Espruino Wifi is a solid, reliable Espruino board with an ESP8266 ESP-12 mounted and directly connected... You get yourself connected within minutes.

  • I think most are going with the esp8266, either paired with a Pico/original, built into the espruino wifi, or running Espruino on the esp8266 itself...

  • Yes, I'd recommend something ESP8266 based. Either buy the module separately and wire it up, or use the Espruino WiFi.

    The CC3000 was used before the ESP8266 was available - but by comparison it's more expensive, slower, and less reliable now.

    Out of interest, where did you get the impression that you needed to use CC3000? It might be we have some old documentation that I should change.

  • Thanks everybody for you answers.
    Seems that Espruino has a vital community, and sure I'm convinced this is a great project.
    So thanks so much Gordon, I'll try to support.
    About the Espruino-wifi I've just put an order to test it.

    About the docs, well, yes the CC3000 is mentioned quite often in the docs, so I got the impression that it would be to option of choice for 'serious' implementations.

    I'm looking for wifi or 6lowpan solution that could run fed by a battery for at least one year.
    So this is the reason I'm looking for the lowest power hungy wifi chip, that can be easlily put at deep_sleeping.

    Thanks indeed.

  • Probably Espruino Wifi is a good bet for you then - the STM32F4 chip in it can be put to sleep quite easily, and you can turn Wifi on only when you need it (although it'll still draw quite a bit of power when active!).

    I'll make a note to have a search through the docs and change the use of CC3000. I think you'll find that most projects involving the Pico use the ESP8266, and the ones using the original board use CC3000 - as that's what was available at the time.

    I'm afraid there's no 6lowpan stuff at the moment, but there is an example of using XBee: http://www.espruino.com/XBee-API1

    Actually using a 6lowpan module with Espruino is probably not that hard, and I'll be adding IPv6 over BLE support to Puck.js soon, which could potentially be another option?

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Which wifi module

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