New features for improved memory usage

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  • Just a quick note to say that the most recent builds of Espruino (so not 1v89, but version 1v90 when it's released) contain an improvement that'll really help with the amount of memory available.

    • Flash the new firmware
    • In the Web IDE, go to Settings -> communications and set Modules uploaded as functions and Save on send
    • Upload your code

    So what happens? Well, the Web IDE used to upload your modules as strings, which would then be decoded and executed by Espruino. It now uploads them as a function.

    It means:

    • Upload is faster since the modules don't have to be decoded
    • Since modules aren't decoded, you don't need as much free memory to upload modules (you used to need 3x the size of the module available)
    • And crucially: If you're saving all your code directly to flash (with save on send), the text of any functions that you define will actually stay stored in flash and won't use your RAM
  • Small change, big impact. Thanks ;-)

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New features for improved memory usage

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