Cutting Edge builds for Micro:bit?

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  • Hi,

    To kill some Time before Puck.js arrives, I got a micro:bit to play with. Started with some ble examples and the nice Lancaster uni documentation sets.

    In the end I would like to play with ble on microbit espruino builds. The latest build I could find for microbit is 1v86, but a lot of ble bugfixes and features are added every day :-)

    Is there a reason there are no recent (Travis) builds? Hard to config? Too little space on microbit? Love to follow all the ble commits and try stuff on my microbit (substitute) ;-)


  • Ahh... Hopefully there'll be a build soon - check here:­builds/173919984

    Travis uses an older version of GCC which creates bigger binaries, so a few of the travis builds fail because they don't fit at the moment. In this case it was some code I added for the Puck's NFC, and I hadn't ifdef'd it for devices with NFC.

    Right now I'm just trying to get the Puck's firmware ready, so I don't generally test on other nRF platforms before I push the code :)

  • thanks for the link of the microbit espruino compile log, but couldn't find a download link on that page.

    i found a microbit hex file in a subdir of­?C=M;O=D
    not in the master/ subdir, but in a hash subdir with about the same timestamp.

    (­a1c0d1c45284ff77895e44b38dda69952887bf3f­/espruino_1v87_microbit.hex )

    After searching the hash in the log i found DGIT_COMMIT=a1c0d1c45284ff77895e44b38dda­69952887bf3f

    now i know where to look :-)

  • Yeah, that was just a status page. master had the image in - I checked - but it seems since then the build failed - not because of any software error but because the build system had some kind of issue!

    But yeah, just looking back in commits by date works well.

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Cutting Edge builds for Micro:bit?

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