• Hi, Everybody.

    How could I change of Access Point Name and insert Access Point Password of kind WPA ?

    Thank you so much for now.

  • You'd be looking at the wifi.StartAP() method. You may need the wifi.StopAP() method if it is running at boot. The docs relevant to anything ESP8266 and wifi are here


  • ok, I have a new question. I get to connect Espuino Web from Google Chrome to my Generic ESP8266 with Success, but when I send the code to ESP8266 I see a that error message ( Module ESP8266 not Found ). How could I fix it ?

    The Screen:

    My code:

    function beServer() {
      var http = require("http");
      var httpServer = http.createServer(function(request, response) {
       if (request.url == "/favicon.ico") {
         if(request.url == "/hello") {
           response.write("<b>Welcome</b> to the ESP8266 test.");
         } else if (request.url == "/goodbye") {
           response.write("<b>Please</b> come back aggain soon.");
         } else {
           response.write("Sorry ... I didn't understand!");
    }); // Endof on new browser request
    print("Now being an HTTP Server!");
    } // End of beServer
    var ssid = "sweetie";
    var password = "kolbanpassword";
    //VConnect to the access point
    var wifi = require("wifi");
    print("Connectin to access point.");
    wifi.connect(ssid, password, null, function(err, ipInfo) {
      if(err) {
      print("Error connecting to access point.");
      var ESP8266 = require("ESP8266");
      print("Connect says that we are now connected!!!");
      print("Starting web server at http://" + ESP8266.getAddressAsString(ipInfo.ip) + ":80");

    Thank you so much for all.

  • I Forget to say. I have a ESP8266 ESP-07 Generic.

  • Couple of things:-
    Make sure you are running latest build (so if using that build thread you need to be going right to the bottom to get the latest added) but you should be able to ignore module not found warnings. If you are using @Gordons 1.85 Espruino build - that has built in support for ESP8266 - I don't think you will get them (someone jump in if that is not correct).

    Also the code you are using looks old, the ESP8266 module API no longer includes some of those methods (as far as I know). All the documented ESP8266 methods can be found here:


  • I am flashing Espruino 1v85 pack espruino_1v85_esp8266.

    Look my configuration:

  • I am flashing Espruino 1v85 pack espruino_1v85_esp8266.

    I can't write line code on terminal Espruino Web IDE

    Look my configuration:

    Thank you

  • Hi, could you be to help me, please. How could I write some code on terminal. It's blocked to me. I can't to write nothing.. What is wrong ?

  • I don't have experience of the NodeMCU firmware programmer - maybe try gitter.im/espruino/Espruino, there are some Windows users on there I think who may be using.

    Garbage/errors in left window/console can indicate a baud rate problem in the IDE - it should be 115200, but only time I could not key to console was a Mac OS problem so I can't be much help sorry. At least make sure you are set at 115200 in the IDE.

    Also, you might want to try ESPtool.py. There are some example flash scripts you can run for the 512kb/4mb boards include in each archive. Makes flashing fairly straightforward, although I don't know if that is your issue here.

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Dubt - Changing de Access Point Name and WPA2 password

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