AP Wifi Problem

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  • Hi! First thank you very much for the project and affort on the new firmware for NodeMCU :)
    I have a strange problem maybe someone can confirm this and maybe we find a solution:
    I have setup an AP with the following code on my NodeMCU v0.9:

    function onInit() {
    var wifi = require("Wifi");
    wifi.startAP("APNAME", {password:"password"});

    Every connection directly to the AP works fine, but if I am going to connect a virtual machine (Win/Ubuntu what ever) I do net get any IP address. My home router and android AP work without any problems and my VMs get an IP address. I am working with VMs since years so there is maybe really a problem with AP. Maybe someone can confirm this?


  • How do your VMs access the wifi? Does each VM have its own mac address? Or are you bridging? Or routing?

  • I had a similar problem. I could create an AP, but couldnt connect to it. The fix was to "reset" the ESP8266 AFTER the AP was turned on.

    WIFI.startAP("landscape", null, function(){console.log("connected as AP");});
  • Does the AP list as the correct name? For me if I didn't specify authMode:"wpa2" in the options in addition to the password the AP would start incorrectly under a different SSID to the one I specified with no password. However take this with a grain of salt as I can't currently test if this is still the case, this is just from what I remember.

  • Hi.. VMs are connected via WiFi interface of my host (Laptop) with different MAC addresses and in bridged mode.

  • Yes, I already had the same issue. Something went sometimes wrong. Then I flushed the device and after pushing the software again it worked.

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AP Wifi Problem

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