• I am having problems with some pins of nodemcu & espruino. I tried all available pins (GPIO0 to GPIO16) and I can only 'turn on' the pins

    D0 >> GPIO0
    D1 >> TX
    D2 >> GPIO2
    D3 >> RX
    D4 >> GPIO4
    D5 >> GPIO5

    when I try to drive other pin I get the next error: "ERROR: Cannot change pins used for flash chip"
    How I can drive the pins GPIO12, GPIO13 & GPIO14 ???

  • Try using the gpio pin number and see if that works (ex, digitalWrite(13,1) ).

    There are definitely pins you can't touch because they're used for the flash chip (the 6 pins at bottom of the esp12E modules)

  • Also look at the NodeMCU.XX pins: http://www.espruino.com/Reference#NodeMC­U

    They already contain the mapping info for you.

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Espruino firmware 1.85 Non-access to "all" GPIOs

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