[Solved]Javascript code not persisting on reboot

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  • Sorry if I missed instruction/step, but it seems that I have to re-upload my code everytime the ESP8266 is rebooted. Am I missing a step to "flash" the code on top of the firmware?

  • Upload the code in the ide.
    Then on the left hand side:


    You want want to read up on the

    E.onInit( function() {});

    If there is code you want to do on start up.

  • Regarding starting of your code on power-up, add to you code (in the IDE editor / right page) either

    function onInit() {


    E.on("init", function(){

    and then upload the code and finally issue a save(); command in the console (left pane in IDE). For more details, see reference E on event and onInit().

    Personally, I prefer the single function onInti(){ ... }, because at development time, I just can either add as very last line in the code for invocation onInit(); which invokes it automatically on (after) every upload, or invoke it manually by entering onInit(); in the console.

    Furthermore, E.on("init", function(){ ... }); has major restriction, because sequence is not fully controllable nor the timing:

    • If initialization code has to run in a certain sequence - different from loading or appearance sequence of a module (which would contain E.on("init",...); to init itself but with dependencies on other modules), initialization may happen with wrong settings.
    • If initialization is asynchronous / callback oriented (next initialization is required to wait until callback is issued), initialization may happen too early.

    To handle configuration, initialization (w/ sequencing/callbacks), and later sequencing / callbacks, I created a gCtl (globalController), with more about the global controller vs. E.on("init",...) and a [Tasker (kind of a Promise] with built-in retry options)[http://forum.espruino.com/conversations/­261352/].

  • As the others have said, save() is the key here.

    Best to read through the steps on the Quick Start - I know they don't all apply to ESP8266 (there's no 'LED' constant built in) but it doesn't take long and would answer a lot of questions you might have.

  • Thank you, everyone!

  • BTW, I have since learned, that wifi also has a save, which is smartly independent of the generic save. I recommend to readers to know uses of both:



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[Solved]Javascript code not persisting on reboot

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