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  • Is there a place for board-specific docs in the EspruinoDocs repo, or somewhere else? What I mean is a place for the information we've been capturing here:­i/ESP8266-Design-Notes

  • Not yet. I'd stick something in the boards folder. It needs to be called something more than ESP8266 though, as it'll conflict with the existing ESP8266 page

  • <opinion>
    My vote would be internal docs on how to Espruino works internally remain in the Wiki ... and design docs about the internals of a specific board would be included there. User guides and documents specific for a consumer of Espruino should (of course) make it into the web site.

  • I'm looking for a place for user docs. For example to state that GPIO pins do not support an internal pull-down. Or that there's really only one analog pin. Or that I2C is in software, only runs at 100Khz, and doesn't support clock stretching.

  • At the start of the Reference page there is a detailed list of all the boards that Espruino is believed to work upon... see:

    My vote for board specific details and caveats would be in the board specific page.

    There is a work item to create a page for the ESP8266 ... see issue 653. I had assumed that these pages were no more than simple web pages (say written in markdown or HTML) but it seems that they are (to some degree) generated pages and this means that the page for the ESP8266 is not a trivial matter. Rather than have to study the board specific page generation architecture myself, I was hoping that someone in our community could step up and own that as a distinct task and either create a detailed recipe that would be easy to follow or act as a resource for each board creation team and own the creation of the initial version of the page for each team.

  • I created docs and took a photo of an esp-12 module. The result is a PR for the Espruino repo and one for the EspruinoDocs repo. There's some work for Gordon to make it all integrate correctly (I think I did 90% of the work).

    Gordon, I'd also appreciate some help for how to improve the pins stuff:

    • I'd like to make the analog pin be 'A0' but when I comment out
      [#pinutils](­arch/?q=%23pinutils).findpin(pins, "PA0", False)["functions"]["ADC"]=0
      at the end of the boards file I get compilation errors that I don't know what to do with.
    • similar issue for the PB16 line in the same file (it's intended to be the GPIO16 on the RTC clock)
    • how can I add more labels to the various pins to indicate 3.3v, where the SPI pins are, etc?

    Oh: someone else gets the privilege to shoot a photo of an esp-01 and copy the pin stuff to the (maybe rename to

  • @tve thanks! Yes, it looks good - I'll try and sort out a separate page on the site.

    Bit busy catching up after the Maker Faire but I'll try and get it sorted this week.

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Board-specific docs

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