Garage & Gate Operated from a mobile phone

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  • Hi!

    I selected our house Garage & Entrance Gate mobile phone remote as my first real embedded device project ever with espruino. I have got background in low-level driver development as well as modern single page web apps recently it would hopefully turn into something at least functional.

    I can already see it is not going to be a single technology thing. One would be the Garage door remote in use 'Hormann-HSM4-868-MHz-4-channel' and the other Nice Robus 433MHz-based remote. I read that both implement 'rolling code' security and I am not sure I should dig too deep into emulating any of those really (if you have any experience with those I would not be hesitant to hack around this a bit though). Rather I think I would just buy spare remotes which I would hook directly to espruino board and just trigger the buttons with the digital pins.

    I have already tested the HC-05 module soldered to the main board and I was able to get an Android mobile Bluetooth terminal remote controlled espruino LEDs blinking in under an hour. I find the time to get something working amazingly short with the espruinos' interpreter approach.

    Eventually I would like to get an ethernet/wifi module and be able to control stuff using a web page loaded directly from the espruino board to the client's browser (no matter whether it is a mobile phone or a desktop browser or anything else).

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  • Sounds like a good project!

    I guess you could implement the rolling code output for the radio modules if it was documented somewhere, but I think it would be far easier to just wire up existing remotes as you suggest.

    WiFi/Ethernet control would be great - and it shouldn't be too difficult at all. I wrote something to control remote control sockets from WiFi. While it's quite basic, it might be good to get some ideas from...

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Garage & Gate Operated from a mobile phone

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