• Hi everyone,

    as we have got a newborn, I've turned the Espruino in a intelligent temperatur sensor, which monitors the Babies temperature. If it exceeds a value of 37.5 degree Celsius, a visual and acoustic warning signal starts and helps the parents to prevent the baby from overheating.

    The tutrial is in German, but on the side, a translation function is integrated:


    I hope, that this is useful for others here.


  • That looks great! Thanks for posting up!

    It's a nice idea to log via bluetooth - I think that's the first time I've seen anyone use Bluetooth that way... Have you tried to see what kind of range you get?

  • Thanks for your feedback!

    I've integrated the 32,768KHz quarz crystal in the code (newer version of the code). I use this for logging purpose. The reason why I'm logging via bluetooth is the easy integration and my love to the command line :-) and the bidirectional communication. You see how flexible the espruino is, because I could also log to a SDHC-card...

    The signal has a range of around 10 to 15 meters, so enough for my flat.

  • I think I'm missing something here...

    How did you mount the sensor on the baby? (Do the latest models have mounting brackets? Being single and male - hence lacking the appropriate production facilities, I haven't been keeping up to date on baby features)

  • Smile..

  • Good joke :-) we've got a female model ...
    The temperatur sensor is integrated in the baby's bed, so the little one can sleep peacefully.

  • Hi Stefan,

    How are you able to measure the baby's temp. without having a physical connected/attached temp. sensor to the baby's body?


  • @Sacha, I think Stefan said above? the sensor is in the bed - I guess it doesn't have to be super accurate, but just has to know if there's an abnormally high temperature in the bed.

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Baby Thermometer - Microcontroller monitors Baby (Bluetooth version)

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