setTimeout, setInterval, setWatch logic

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  • Hi Gordon,

    Do i have to protect my function from calling twice in "parallel" ?
    Let say i have a function that talks over an uart to a device. The communcation must happen in series and never parallel.

    I call this function by setInterval/setTimeout and with setWatch. The protection is easy, i can set a variable inside the function at the beginning and clear it at the end ant checking for that.

    I just want to know if it can happen.



  • As i understand it the Espruino doesn't multitask all watches, intervals and timeouts happen one after another. I encounter this when i tried to do a watch on a button when i made an infinite loop, woops. Somthing like this wouldn't work.

    setWatch(function(){console.log("test");­}, BTN1, {repeat:true,edge:"rising", debounce:1/*ms*/});
  • You don't have to to anything like that.

    watches/timeouts/intervals do not interrupt other code that is running when the timeout/interval happens or the watched pin changes - they get queued up, and run after the other code is done.

  • Many thanks, that's perfect.


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setTimeout, setInterval, setWatch logic

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