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  • It'll work same as if it were WS2811's. The control protocol for WS2811 and WS2812/2812B are the same. As for why the ebay seller put the wrong part number in their product desc, i'd say it was just the sloppiness typical of chinese ebay seller. At least it's not something that effects functionality.

    A WS2812 is basically a WS2811 die in the same package as an RGB LED, while the WS2811 is a separate IC that drives an RGB LED (look at the WS2811's here, see how they have an IC at the base of each LED - that's the WS2811, the LED is just a normal (non-smart) RGB LED)

    For strips and arrays, it's pretty much only relevant to the manufacturer of the strip/array - where the '12 is cheaper since you only need one part, assuming you want a 5050 package and are happy with their LEDs (standard RGB leds), while the WS2811 is more versatile and could, for example, be wired to 3 discrete LEDs instead of an RGB one, or a LED in a different package (like the WS2811 light string in the example)


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