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  • Thanks for the feedback, I now have some more options:

        1. sData.forEach(function(s) {spi.send([s>>8,s]);});
        2. for(i = 0; i < cnt; i++){spi.send(String.fromCharCode(sData[­i]>>8)+String.fromCharCode(sData[i]));}
        3. spi.send(sData.buffer);
        4. spi.send(new Uint8Array(sData.buffer));
        5. spi.send(sData);

    I'm sending 0xf800, which for ILI9341 is red
    1st works fine and is very slow
    2nd works fine and doubles speed
    3rd and 4th are really fast, but dont display red, its blue. So 0xF800(63488) becomes 248(0x00F8)

    So,where is the problem, between my ears, or in interpretation of data ?

    Oh, just checked version from yesterday, there is a new parameter for SPI called order. Will check it later today or tomorrow.


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