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  • So you want to control the Bangle.js app from the phone app? Or the phone app from Bangle.js?

    I'm not entirely sure I understand what you're asking - if you want to send commands to an app that's running, I'd say the easiest method would be to create a function in your Bangle.js app, say called MYAPP.

    You could then call that function using DroidScript and pass whatever data you want to it - for example by sending 'MYAPP({msg:"Hello",data:"World"})\n'

  • Hi Gordon,

    I have this working up to this point. With Droidscript I can call an app function as you outline here.

    I need one more step and that is to return some data from that function back to Droidscript and that has me completely stumped. Is that possible?



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