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  • @Andreas_Rozek - for the sake of the Bangle community would it not be better for you to do a pull request of the kit into the main Bangle apps codebase. You can still get full acknowledgement of your work through the README file but then its there is one place for the long term and not external to the project.

  • Well, I don't know if @Gordon likes my code style (I'm not using any IDE but my own aspect-oriented code generation system (for multiple programming languages) backed by a database - completely different from what other people normally use). But the result is MIT-licensed anyway, thus, if he finds it useful, he may integrate it in whatever way he likes (including docs)

    Please note: the ACCK is not an app! AC-AC however is - but that's already part of the Bangle apps.

    I would feel honoured if I could bring Bangle.js development forward a little bit!