• Well, I hate boiler plating - and Java often requires that (which is why I was heavily working with Groovy in a professional environment around a decade ago). On the other side, plain JavaScript is too unregulated, which is why I actually prefer "TypeScript" (very well done, Microsoft!) - hoping that I do not have to write too many nested asynchronous functions (as the handling of asynchrony is the biggest design flaw of JavaScript today - here is Java much(!) better)

    Another big argument for JS: it's the "lingua franca" of the web and well supported even in older browsers (in older tablets, smartphones, PCs etc.) in contrast to WASM - including debugging.

    Additionally, as far as I remember: JS is even supported by some microcontrollers - and, finally, by some smartwatches. I can hardly remember, but allegedly there was an environment called...Espruino? And I've heard of a smartwatch called "Bangle.js" (or similar) which is supposed to support JS.

    (Just for the records: there is an alternative called Kaluma available for the Raspberry Pico - sometimes, you actually need the performance of an RP Pico, and in that case, Kaluma seems to be a good choice)