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  • So, when I first asked my wife to get me a Banglejs for Christmas, my one goal was to make my own clock with the face of Crow T. Robot, my favorite MST3K character, as the background. If I could do that, I would be over the moon.

    Well, since I unwrapped my watch, I've messed around here and there, downloading different apps, tinkering with the source code of several of them, and going through some of the tutorials.

    Today, I stole most of the code from Bold Clock (thanks, Ivan!) and was able to cobble together a little clock for my banglejs. You can see what it looks like in the attached screenshot.

    I don't care if I ever get to do anything else cool with my watch. I'm a happy camper! Now to go through the app tutorials again and figure out how to make it into a real app.

    Gordon, thanks for making my Christmas wish come true!

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