• In my opinion, both the name and the app are great! Theoretically, AC-AC can be expanded indefinitely. I expect to see Roman numerals someday, as well as support for the first version of Bangle.js, if possible :)

    Hope you keep experimenting with Bangle.js! And you will have enough time for this.

    Do you plan to somehow connect hacking Bangle.js with lectures?

  • Well, unfortunately I have to earn my living and, thus, to concentrate on other things now. I had hoped to create more within the time I had but ACCK and AC-AC do not look all too bad for the beginning.

    Concerning Bangle.js 2 and my CS lectures: well, definitely not during this semester (exam phase will start in three weeks).

    At the beginning of this semester, I gave a away a few "Maker UNO"s and now hope to see what my students did with them by tomorrow or next friday.

    For the next semester, I plan to concentrate on the RasPi Zero 2 as it covers everything - from "hardware computing" over development with Linux to Linux administration.

    Bangle.js programming is based on JavaScript - and (although I personally prefer JS over Java) this creates a problem: at "my" university, students will learn Java as their primary programming language - some of them will start as pure beginners in that area. And even if it makes my heart bleed, I strongly recommend NOT to learn JS and Java at the same time - otherwise you wouldn't be able to do either of them really well.

    Therefore, I will definitely introduce the Bangle.js 2 as an example of what individuals or small groups can achieve today - but I doubt that I will start any projects for my students with it. Perhaps, however, I'll call for a small competition (letting students develop and publish their own software and/or hardware projects or even found their own small start-ups) and offer my Bangle.js development clock as a prize...we'll see