• My 2 cents:
    Versatile analog watch sounds interesting, but it doesn't quite clearly capture the essence of the app. The main thing here is various configurations, perhaps this word is more common and understandable.

    If there was a question about a prettier name, what about a Custom Analog Clock? By analogy with a Custom Car?

    (c) wiki: A custom car in British according to Collins English Dictionary
    is built to the buyer's own specifications.

  • In my opinion, both the name and the app are great! Theoretically, AC-AC can be expanded indefinitely. I expect to see Roman numerals someday, as well as support for the first version of Bangle.js, if possible :)

    Hope you keep experimenting with Bangle.js! And you will have enough time for this.

    Do you plan to somehow connect hacking Bangle.js with lectures?