• Thanks Hugh.

    I'll look into the web ide when I have time.
    I've looked at the instructions but my old laptop runs linux and, more crucially, doesn't have bluetooth. Will it work on my phone?

    I was on about 3000 steps this morning, my phone is currently on 387 and gadgetbridge on 959. My Bangles is currently on charge but shows 3710.

    I can post a photo of the screen if that will provide the info that you need to understand the problem. I've changed the pedometer widget to large text but I don't think that this should make any difference.

  • Yes, take a picture with your phone of the pedometer widget. Better still do a video of it racking up when sat still. I can use the IDE on my phone. I run the chrome browser.

    It might also be useful to record a log of the accelerometer using the accellog app. But let's do one step at a time :)


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