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    I am using a BS170 FET transistor[1] to turn on/off a magnetic rotation sensor RM08 [2] that draws ~30mA. The transistor is placed between sensor ground and GND and the gate pin is connected to D15. The whole thing is powered with a 3.7v lithium battery.

    Initially I used a 100kohm resistor between my control pin and GND, but it seems like it works as well without (using the internal I presume). I just do digital write 0 or 1 on the control pin. My question is if this is a legit way to do it or if I should expect any problems? Not using the external resistor makes the assembly much easier in my application.

    [1] https://www.electrokit.com/uploads/produ­ctfile/40320/40320170.pdf
    [2] https://www.rls.si/eng/rm08-super-small-­non-contact-rotary-encoder


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