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  • Thanks very much for adding the ability to take screenshots of the emulator to the Web IDE!

    I just wanted to share a tip I learned automating the taking of screenshots generated by my app. I run the emulator on Ubuntu and wanted to use 'xdotool' to take screenshots. I couldn't figure out why 'xdotool click 1' wasn't doing anything when attempting to click on BTN1, BTN2, or BTN3, so I looked into the emulator source code and discovered those areas are listening for 'mousedown' events. So by replacing 'xdotool click 1' in my bash script with 'xdotool mousedown 1', 'sleep 0.5', 'xdotool mouseup 1' I was able to get the emulator to recognize button presses. 'xdotool click 1' does work fine on the screenshot button, however.


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