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  • Hi Marko, thank you for having taken a bit of your time to let me know this ! I really appreciate, and don't worry, take your time, there is no urge.

    The Bk805 is providing both cadence and speed in a single module (there are two magnets, one on the pedal lever, the other on the wheel). I haven't found (yet) if it is able to be set to speed only.

    And I ll try to monitor what is sending and received

    nRF Toolbox provides not only the way to update our favourite watch's firmware, but a CSCS monitor too. It reads correctly the BK805's datas. Perhaps digging there to have a clue of how it works...

    I ll too ask my bicycles friends riders if they have other CSCS brandss to test with your app (just to be sure the issue isn't a wrong setting of my watch)

    Looking forward for the next episode


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