• Mon 2021.08.23

    When I tried to hard reset it, green light will be on,

    @Gordon pointed out an attempt removing the battery in post #3 What was observed performing that removal test?

    Nothing stands out; nit picky here 'sppiling' ;-) error   frenquency <== frequency

    L88   Not sure if this works as desired, but is it known that the timeouts will execute inside the loop immediately queue'ing up and overlap each other. Might lead to an odd visual blinking.

    L4 function ut() and L48 function getData() defined but not used

    On second look, UNTESTED however this appears suspicious:
    L99 passes a function as the argument. L17 parameter is used as an Array in L20

    Is this intentional?

    I also did flash it with firmware, don't quite remember the version it had.

    Please post the results of process.env



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