• When I use the software I2C (I2C1 in the code above replaced with i2c1 = new I2C() ), everything works fine. This proves my hardware setup is fully operational.

    It is of course not a real solution. When hardware I2C is available, I want to use it and not let the humble CPU consume bit-banging cycles for that...

  • Sat 2021.06.12

    Appears to be a timing issue.

    'After a 'save()', I2C fails'

    Is a full power off, power on cycle being performed?

    There doesn't appear to be any SDA logic high detection after uP reset.

    p.11 https://datasheets.maximintegrated.com/e­n/ds/DS3231.pdf
    'When the microcontroller resets, the DS3231 I2C interface may be placed into a known state by toggling SCL until SDA is observed to be at a high level. At that point the microcontroller should pull SDA low while SCL is high, generating a START condition.'


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