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  • (Version 2v09, 7247a2c4 here.) In the emulator MYSCRIPT returns 1, so that's okay. I may still be missing something to activate the script on the watch.

    (Note to d3nd3-o0: thanks for the suggestion. I started off with no boot code and manual setting. Same problem.)

  • When you first set the time with GPS time, does it seem accurate then? It takes always 'periods of hours' to come out of sync?
    If the gps fix makes it in sync, then you know that the script should be the solution. And can assume something is wrong with the script functioning.

    Find out how many exact time it takes to go out of sync, the script he sent was programmed for 1 hour intervals.
    You could try to do GPS Fix once a day?? Or is that not ideal solution for you.
    The time can be set when you connect to the ide. So a solution could exist to connect your watch to the IDE daily or weekly, ofc you can automate this if you can install software or write basic script in linux.


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