• Hi there,

    So my BangleJS arrived today after an adventure in stuck in Dutch customs (yay B*exit) for over a week and then sent to a depot 40min drive away from me!

    I've had a good play with it already today and had a few questions - I've been working on my Moods app and some things have come up already.

    • Is there a way to add a custom "standard library" - for example, I figured out that the maximum number of characters per line is 20, with 4 lines so I've written a custom function I'd like to potentially re-use, but certainly removed from the main JS file of my app (also some preferred date functions - I tried moving it to a file to require in my project but this didn't seem to work

    • With the above I discovered the best ratio of characters/screen - is there more info like this such as best-practices for UI and UX design for the watch? Is there any concept of scrolling on the device?

    • Are there any details on what version of ECMAScript is the closest? For example, I see the device has support for const/let and has TypedArrays, but no support for deestructuring or default values? Has anyone set up any toolchains to allow compiling from higher-level code?


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