• I'm not sure what your feelings are on this @fanoush, but maybe there's a way to detect the characteristics being mentioned in setServices and then add the relevant softdevice calls?

    However it's a bit hacky - since WheelLog is open source, did you trying to submit a PR to remove the un-needed checks? I'm not sure how Android handles Characteristic scanning but it's possible that removing them would improve connection speed for all app users

  • I did it my self on wheelllog since it is open source. But the eucWorld app, which is based on wheelllog is not open source, and it it the only that I care about having because of its logging and online maps features. Also I think darkness bot, the dominant iphone app, has the same checks.

    But in any case, it is more of a "wanting to do" thing, I wanted to make the bridge work, and it drove me mad that I couldn't. Now that I know why it did't work I am feeling much better.

    I will continue working on it and when it is finished with the menus and all, I may ask for some more help.


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