• @gordon, I have a question if possible.

    I am trying to make the p8 connect to the wheel, and then replicate the wheel's services and offer them, so that a phone can connect to the watch and then the wheel, like a bridge

    It is working, amazing what one can do with espruino, but I have come to a problem.

    When it comes to the phone app that I want to use, it does some checks on a list of characteristics and services it expects to find, and closes the connection if one is not there. They are not needed, but it does it anyway.

    The code that does the checks is like so:

    detected_wheel = true;
    BluetoothGattCharacteristic characteristic = service.getCharacteristic(c_uuid);
     if (characteristic == null) {
      detected_wheel = false;

    and the services among others are those, that I cannot create.:

    <string-array name="kingsong_services">
    <string-array name="kingsong_00001800_0000_1000_8000_0­0805f9b34fb">
    <string-array name="kingsong_00001801_0000_1000_8000_0­0805f9b34fb">

    lines starting with a 'greater than' denote quoted text

    because they are on 0x1800 and 0x1801.

    The app is wheellog from github, I removed the check and compiled it and it connects fine, but It would be nice if it worked with all programs.

    Is it a dead end, of could I add the missing characteristics?

  • 'The app is wheellog from github'

    Would you mind sharing the link please so that we may follow along to assist.


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