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  • can we go a bit higher in resolution?

    It's a mix of price and power consumption... Memory LCDs would be lovely but are just too expensive (£20 or so for one of a decent size) and while I can get a 256x128 2 bit greyscale LCD in the same form factor, it uses about 10x the power :(

    It's tricky - I feel like Pixl.js is pretty unique in having a display and a really long battery life. I don't really want to ruin that for the sake of making the display just a bit better.

    "Arduino ICSP/SPI connector" - what's that?

    Arduino boards have a 3x2 'ICSP' connector on them that has the SPI pins on it. Some Arduino shields depend on those being there (the Ethernet shield IIRC?) so it'd be nice to have those to allow the shields to be plugged right in.

    Adding a Qwiic connector

    Thanks, that's a nice idea. At the very least I could add an outline for it and Grove

    SPI flash or uSD card socket

    The plan is to use uSD at the moment - readily available and a lot easier to poke one in than to solder a chip ;)


    I'm not quite sure what you mean here? A separate board for different LCD types? You could always stack an Arduino LCD display on the other side of it I guess?

    Touch would be nice and might give it a go and see if it works to put a capacitive touch sensor on the PCB behind the LCD. It didn't work great with NFC though, so I'm not sure how much hope I hold out.


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