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    • "Same low-power LCD" - can we go a bit higher in resolution? Maybe a color memory LCD or something like that? Or would that increase price or energy consumption a lot?
    • "Arduino ICSP/SPI connector" - what's that? Or you mean SWD?
    • "USB-C" - Still, get a quote for that, would feel more up to date. Seeed's latest Seeduinos all seem to have Type-C as well.
    • Adding a Qwiic connector - Sparkfun "standardized" this, but seems like Adafruit adds it to their boards now, calling it STEMMA QT sometimes. Compatible with GROOVE as well with an adaptor cable. I personally don't have those, but would allow just plug&play I2C.
    • SPI flash or uSD card socket - yes please :)

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