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  • Interesting - thanks!

    IMO: I'll look at this... Honestly I hadn't expected the Pixls to be moved around too much but Robotics is a good use case, especially with a motor driver on it.

    Touchscreen would be nice, but sadly I don't think those LCDs can come with one.

    Multiple connections: definitely - there's already an issue open to add that to the nRF52832, and technically it shouldn't be too hard.

    Interesting about servo headers... I can see if there's space, however it's so easy to push an Arduino servo board on I'm not sure it's worth making the PCB bigger just to add them if I can't find space.

    Mic: yes - I feel like easy voice recognition could be a 'killer' feature. It'd be so nice to have something that you can just wire up and say 'on' or 'off' to.

    secure memory: I'm not really sure there's much sensible I can do there. I could make it easy to turn on 'read-out' protection for the firmware in the chip, but I feel like providing something half-assed and calling it secure is worse than providing nothing :)

    Pi headers: Thanks... I was thinking at the very least making it compatible with Pimoroni's Breakout Garden boards (­rden), but if I did pins 1-10 then it could also connect to the UART, so could be a plug and play terminal for the Pi. It'll need some thought to ensure it can be plugged into a Pi and is useful for those breakouts though.

    switch: I'm still in two minds about this - it should be low enough power consumption that it can do 'soft off' reasonably well. Not having a switch means the RTC will just keep running, which kind of solves your RTC issues. If I don't do that there should probably be a reset button though! (the new Pixl.js Multicolour boards have an on/off switch that works correctly ;)

    USB: Yes, definitely full USB (well, USB Serial for now)

    USB-C: Personally I'd probably stick with Micro USB as we can't use any of USB-C's features - as I understand it the USB-C connector is quite a lot more expensive and is harder to solder reliably. I think when we can do USB power delivery on the microcontroller it'd be amazing (being able to just ask for 12v power in code if you need it for a project) but until then I'm not sure it's such a big help.

    SPI Flash: yes - although the nRF52840 does have twice as much flash anyway, so likely 256kB or more will be available for flash storage (vs 40kB on most devices now). It might be something I have pads for but don't solder on - or maybe there's a 'pro' version.

    Buttons: yes - the new Pixl Multicolour has much better buttons (basically the Puck's buttons) and they come up level with the display.


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