• @TomCooper,


    it can send an API POST directly, without needing the app to interpret and forward the signal?

    do you mean that your flatter app is transparent to puck and internet app running on server?

    I'm sure that you can come up with general purpose bridge in flatter running on the phone and some bridge heads on puck and internet app so that it looks puck is directly talking to internet app and vice versa. You could then say that your phone with flatter app acts like a gateway, proxy and protocol converter. You could shape the api of your bridge heads along the http protocol and then you could practically do 'whatever' you want even to the point where you do not even have to assign fixed roles for server and client or which side initiates a conversation over the connection, with, for example, some bidirectional MQ / mqtt setup to get away from server/client and enter the realm of peers in a mesh.

    The communication can then be used for application data as well as update over the air. Latter touches on your question whether PuckJS can be coded also from environments other than Espruino IDE. In the forum you find several conversations talking about remote updating PuckJS in the field.


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