• No joy with temporarily stealing the Milestone's address or playing with connection interval.

    I'm already advertising 0x1814 and NRF Connect sees the Pixl updating the speed and cadence. There just seems to be something in the output that is different between the Pixl.js and the ESP32/Milestone that the Garmin does not like. And there's unfortunately no way to debug built-in features in the Garmin. Whatever it is, Zwift on Android doesn't care about it and sees the Pixl as a footpod with no issue.

    I went down a rabbit hole with the Milestone Pod as it alternates between advertising as a footpod and advertising as an iBeacon. I thought that was the difference. But the ESP32 Arduino code doesn't do that.

    All three in screenshots. FootpodConor is the ESP32/Arduino device. MilestonePod 59 is the real commercial footpod. Pixl.js 8dfc is the only one that the Garmin doesn't see.

    I think the Garmin is connecting to the devices, if not pairing, as it doesn't list them if they are connected in NRF Connect.

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