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  • @allObjects No worries, I will work it out.
    Separate joystick is the approach I had for the previous attempt without espruino. If I did it again with espruino board I would keep it as a separate project. I think there might be already project like this by someone else. There are two reasons I wanted to avoid it:

    • one is that its a separate piece of gear. I wanted to be able to use whatever is around the house and if there are no controllers just use the phone with an android app. As discussed above the HID approach is not an option. Custom phone app using web bluetooth is one that makes most sense to me.
      -second is that the last time when I had my own custom built joystick I didnt like the performance. There are knobs modules you can get from china but they have very little angular movement giving signal. You end up with something thats hard to fine control it.

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