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  • @kri100s,

    great to see bolidJS tagging along. I assume you got your boards. With the hardware done(?), it's software-time!

    Not done that much BLE communication (yet), I think there are many good resources to cheat from, last but not least @Gordon 's open source Espruino IDE which can talk to any of the Espruino BLE boards out of the box.

    To get started with the Espruino IDE for controlling the bolidJS, take a look at @JumJum 's Testing feature in the Espruino IDE settings, because it is way more than testing: it is Monitoring, Controlling, Logging of connected Espruino devices.

    With the Testing/Monitoring feature, you can swap the console against a UI that can have active controls - buttons - that can send any commands to the device through the console connection in the background and retrieve data in custom defined intervals to show in graphs. You can even have a back drop image - imagine - a steering console dashboard for the bolidJS. I have somewhere a modified version of that which goes even further with all kinds of indicator dials, bars, etc.

    To checkout some applications of the Testing/Monitoring/Logging feature, take a look at these conversations:

    In latter conversation's first post you find an .mp4 clip - f_vs_signal.mp4 - that shows it live.

    @JumJum has also produced some youtube videos how to use the Testing/Monitoring/Logging feature.

    Happy Soft-Tinkering!


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