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  • Maybe I shouldn't bother with my PCB car and just get one of those.

    would be a shame... Exactly because people bothered, the maker movement and a lot of new inspired engineers, tinkerers, makers, and foremost fun... came to be. After all, the satisfaction comes much less from owning something than from creating that something - even though much less perfect but with deep, thoughtful (wordplay) and passionate relationship to the thing and its inner workings. It all depends what the use and purpose of the thing is. Whether to buy or DIY follows the same thought process applied in a good business: focus on core business or having a hobby or interest, latters to keep the mind multifaceted. In business, you make the tool to produce the core business product only if it cannot be bought or it is a business strategic asset/differentiator. I can build my own soldering iron,... but why would I? No rule without exception, though.


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