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  • ...modified RC car: there are already things on the forum not as elaborate in components... but still good enough to use the electro mechanical part. (on/off drive and direction on single tx/rx chip with 27 or 49 MHz RF signal... yep... technology from 20 years ago... but their front suspension was excellent... micro car - see attached pic

    Btw: this is your next challenge (youtube 'DIY 1:150 RC Car ' based on a plastic model, equipped w/ engine, steering, battery, micro and IR controller):­sdg

    Amazing, especially the soldering... just tried that on some equally 'pinned'/padded chip and failed...)ith much less time but more money effort - starting right away this way: buying something like this would be more gratifying, but it is just not the size for a 2-year old (youtube 'Micro scale RC Car gets unboxed and driven!' from Carson Model Sport ):­vAk

    Regarding the end switches: bouncing is not an issue, no extra sensor, just what you have going against may be a solid, vertical wire that you solder into the chassis and is touched by the other wire on the T bar. I had made a plotter that has these things and on init / calibration, I drive it into the contact: run fast/multiple steps until getting a contact... then go back until loosing contact and then slowly back into again until contact. There is plenty of time to let the bouncing settle. You though still want to have a trim on the controller.

    Question: Where did you get the wheels w/ tires that just fit nicely onto the motor axles?

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