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  • Just looked up the LB1930 and DRV8833 on digikey. Considering drv8833 is two in one it makes very little difference in price. DRV8833 is a better chip with higher output current so maybe its better to stick with it.
    I never used the end points in the old version. I just added trimming. It would be nice to have a feedback I guess but was too lazy. The idea was to have the T bar making contact to the pads connected to IOs once the limit is reached. I think there will be debouncing problems. It would be nicer to have some position sensor but it will increase the cost and complexity.
    The argument of having lower force for the trapezoid design would be actually important. Those steppers arent too strong.
    I would rather have Gordon do the selling in his shop ;) I dont think its good enough to make any significant sale volume.
    Saying that, today I bought an RC car for my 2 years old and its absolute rubbish. On/off steering and on/off acceleration. Controlling is terrible. I already think to stick espruino in there and fix it;)
    I didnt study lean design. If you point me to some materials I wouldnt mind having a look.


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