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  • Its all open so you can build one on your own anyway. I suppose you could put it up in your shop as a kit if it turns out any good.
    Yeah, there is so many ideas and so little time :) I am hoping for the bolid to be just a beginning of series of projects.
    One of the options I put on the bolid is using supercap instead of 3xAAA batteries. I bought them for some other project that I am working on (which I might post eventually). I hooked it up to the bolid breadboard and it worked great. The cool thing is you can draw a lot of current from them so its nice for the car as it needs initial higher current to get it moving. I bought 15F 5.6V which was reasonably cheap. I think you could get like 20minutes of fun out of it. I measure the voltage drop on it so I can adjust PWM to keep constant torque. Also its super fast to charge.

    Dont get me started on mini robots :)


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