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  • Hi everyone,

    While ago I built an RC car. The requirements were:

    • minimum amount of components
    • mechanics all made from pcb cutouts
    • minimum cost

    That resulted in some design decisions like using 4 small dc motors (no gear) so they can be directly attached to the wheel. Also used pogo-pins soldered to the pcb as suspension and hinges for steering.

    Back then I was more bare metal embedded guy so I used some LPC micro with lots of modules for communication and so on.

    It worked pretty well. You can see the video here:
    rc pcb car

    I decided to redesign it with expruino as a control device and add some other improvements. Since the mdb42q module has the regulator already I could drop the dc/dc converter and the wireless communication module. I added third battery in series since I dont have a boost from the DC/DC anymore.
    I did some breadboard testing for motors and stepper with espruino and it seems all good. The repo is public and you can find it here: bolidJs repo Right now its just schematic, pcb and some messy test scripts.
    I used to have pcb joystick but this time I will just control it from phone or any hid device I think.
    I will sent out the board for fabrication this week so any feedback is welcome before it goes :)

    I will make some updates once I have the board assembled. This post is for some sense of accomplishment after a week of pcb design and testing espruino with peripherials :)

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