• I'm working with the dashboards now. What are all of your opinions on the two flavors of Node-Red dashboards. It looks like the node-red-contrib-ui one is being deprecated and going to node-red-dashboard .

    The problem I think I see is that it is hard to move back and forth between the two. I am a total rookie but when I built a flow in the older one and tried to switch to the newer one there were a lot of errors even beyond the obvious UI nodes. Not sure.

    Anyway, I have moved to the newer dashboard and have two tabs: "Home" for the puck and "Rpi" for the host pi metrics.

    I have mirror systems running on a Pi-zero-w and a Pi-4. I was tinkering with the RPi dashboard and the Pi-4 helps me test out the fan control portion of the system that activates on temp>x. My screenshot is on the Pi-4 but the only difference is that on a Pi-zero-w the utilization is greater. Still low on the zero but not that low.