• @Gordon , your suggestions for formatting the SMS messages worked really well. Using the Node-Red function block I can change my SMS Alert Messages to be more reader friendly instead of the engineering geek cryptic integer and T/F payload data points.

    I super appreciate the help given here. I have enough SW Dev background to know that various things can be done but I didn't know how to get them done in this Espruino / Node-Red environment.

    I now have

    1. Button Press alerts with a 10 second grace period where the wearer can cancel the pending alert.
    2. Motion detection with a 1 hour countdown timer. Detected motion will always reset the countdown so that the SMS Lack of Motion alert fires after 1 hour of no motion (only during normal waking hours).
    3. Battery Level is recorded with all messages
    4. RSSI can be used to determine if the Espruino has left the building. The 'left the building' state can halt the lack of motion timer. Obviously, if the puck has moved out of range then the motion event can't reset the timer.