• Hi @jeffmer,

    I tried the ANCS widget with multi clock app, with BangleJS cutting edge build espruino_2v06.129_banglejs. BangleJs is installed with default app + multiclock app+ ANCS wedget

    Some how I did not get it working as expected. Here are my observations.
    The very first observation is that my iPhone 6/ iOS 12.4.8 is not getting bonded. When i enable the widget and run the multi clock app,I can see the phone icon (in white) as mentioned in the description. But when I pair it with my phone, it does not ask for any code (123456) and directly listed as connected in phone's device list, BUT no pink/green phone icon. It stay connected as I see the blue icon on top right corner and disconnect when i move from the Bluetooth screen. I can get it connected again when i restart the clock app(same when I reload the widget or restart the watch)

    When I click BTN2, BangleJs goes in to the blackout mode (no button is working and screen is completely black) until I switch the phone's bluetooth off.

    As there is no pink/green icon that means I am not getting any notofications.

    2- Battery is draining too fast.

    As it is mentioned in the app description, "0.04: Works on both standard and modified firmware", it is clearly not, and I can get it working only with your firmware [https://github.com/jeffmer/JeffsBangleAp­psDev/tree/master/apps/widancs].

    2- Battery is draining too fast.

    Any clue what is happening?



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