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  • Running esp32 wroom

    trying to flash from the cli
    results in this error and the code is not written to flash.

    --] Compacting Flash...
    --] ERROR: >> jshKickWatchDog Not implemented,using taskwatchdog from RTOS

    code and cli command

    console.log('program started')

    espruino --port /dev/ttyUSB0 -b 115200 --no-ble --board ../boards/ESP32.json

    I was able to flash from the webIDE so it must be something particular to my direct use of the cli.

    I must be missing some setting?

    Related: Maybe the json job file is the way to go so I can set config details other than from "switches. Does the job file merge with defaults so I can just set those I need or do I have to set all values if I use it. Can I still use command line switches with a job file? ex. the --board switch as it seems the config for board only takes a url not a local path.


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